After Aperture import, some images not showing in Capture one

After Aperture import, some images not showing in Capture one


First of all, Love this SW, so great to be able to import my Aperture images to Capture one! I've been using it since beta, and have been having a few issues. The most notable is referenced images not showing in Capture one 

The issue I'm having, using Version 1.2.1, is that some images are not showing up in the Capture one (V. 21) catalog after import/conversion. When clicking on the missing image, I get the error "The selected image is either unavailable, in an unsupported format or corrupted". however images that reside in the same folder (on an external raid, all referenced in Aperture and I choose referenced when importing) show up just fine (with all the adjustments). I can right click on the missing image and select "Locate..." and the file is imported just fine, however I lose all my Aperture changes. The image doesn't seem corrupt missing or in an unsupported format. 

This is happening for a significant amount of images, and I didn't get an error on import that would indicate so many missing images.

Attached are screen caps of my Capture one library and my folder structure. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.