Avalanche for Lightroom v1.3 and Unlimited/Luminar v1.2 are out !

Avalanche for Lightroom v1.3 and Unlimited/Luminar v1.2 are out !

We've been very busy over the last few weeks to try to answer as many questions and fix as many issues that you encountered.

We also listened to feedback to improve some of the features around previews.
We hope these releases solve most of the issues encountered.

Please note that one of the points often raised is the difference in count between the theoretical number of images initially reported by Avalanche and the final count of mlgrated images. We have done several actions to improve this:
  • fixed some non trivial bugs
  • improved how counting is done in the presence of RAW+JPEGS because this was a source of (false) discrepencies
  • added a warning in the case of iCloud PhotoStreams: this is a situation that we don't handle yet.

Full release notes are here:

• added the ability to customize the preview image names on disk by choosing a suffix and previewing how it will look like.
• added the ability to apply the naming suffix to the version (copy) names.
• add a clear warning when the source catalog is linked with an iCloud photostream as Avalanche does not support migrating those images.
• new QuickStart in french.

• user interface for the Preview Export Settings has been improved.
• improved date timezone encoding when exporting.
• improved support for the MagicMouse and Magic Trackpad. In previous versions, some horizontal scroll could lead to unexpected UI behaviour.
• the criteria for exporting previews has been clarified. You can now choose between 'lossy and approximate' or 'lossy'
• an alert is displayed when you choose to export all previews, warning you about the size and time requirements
• the display of RAW+JPEG pairs when counting masters.
• window size and position is remembered between launches.
• the timeline display is now restricted to a more reasonable time period [1900, 2100].
• the previews have now the same IPTC and EXIF properties as the picture they represent.

• resolved some situations were an image could be missed in the migration.
• when exporting to Lightroom, the Creator section of the IPTC field was badly encoded causing Lightroom to display an error when trying to apply a metadata preset.
• when exporting to Lightroom, the capture dates were encoded using the wrong timezone convention, causing time information to be incorrect.
• when exporting to Lightroom, sidecar files are not created anymore for DNG and non RAW files (e.g. JPEGS).
• some image metadata is better exported to Lightroom making the catalog more consistent
• some dates were incorrect in the timeline
• Lightroom uses case insensitive keywords, which could lead to insertion errors, when coming from Aperture where keywords are case sensitive.
• the timeline was not displaying periods containing only 1 image.
• improved some localization and wording