Faces in Peakto 1.10

Faces in Peakto 1.10

I've noticed that the faces detection tools seems to have been upgraded: it detects faces in photo, and allows to tag them.

I have manually tagged some faces, but they do not appear in the "faces" panel. It says "no faces in source". ==> It seems to me that the "faces" panel only shows faces managed by external apps such as LR or Apple Photos.

In the Knowledge base, the article about faces isn't very helpful and seems outdated: https://desk.cyme.io/portal/en/kb/articles/automatically-detect-faces-in-photos

I have a few questions regarding this:

- If I manually tag some faces, is Peakto able to auto-detect faces from new or old photos? If so, how to do so?

- Where can I see an overview of Peakto-managed faces?

- I tried creating a Smart Album to filter on a specific person, but the faces that can be search with the "Faces" field in the Smart Album editor are faces retrieved from external apps (same behaviour as in the Faces panel). So I didn't find how to filter based on Peakto-managed faces.

This feature is really exciting and no doubt it will be very welcome for lots of photographers so kudos to the team for implementing it!