Impossible to select "RAW image" in the filter

Impossible to select "RAW image" in the filter

In the filter, we can choose "JPEG image" as file type:

However, when we want to display only RAW images, we don't have a generic "RAW image filter", instead we are presented with the choice of specific RAW formats based on manufacturer:

This doesn't make a lot of sense, as when typing "RAW" in the filter bar, Peakto doesn't show me any "file type" filter type:

It is a bit confusing.
Proposed fix:
Added a generic "RAW image" attribute in the "file type" category, so that we can filter on all RAW images easily.

side note: to get to the list of manufacturer's raw image file type shown in the second screenshot, I had to search for the letter "R" only and scroll all the way down the list of filters.