New in Peakto 1.8.5: Lightroom CC compatibility and full-screen mode

New in Peakto 1.8.5: Lightroom CC compatibility and full-screen mode

The new version of Peakto includes a new compatibility. After Lightroom Classic, Peakto can now display photos from Lightroom Creative Cloud and lets Lightroom users benefit from  enhanced search and exploration features! 

This new version also comes with a new display mode to let you enjoy your photos more.

Lightroom cloud integration to Peakto

In our relentless pursuit to refine and expand the capabilities of our AI-driven meta cataloger, Peakto, we introduced a new milestone: the integration of Lightroom Cloud. Our decision to incorporate Lightroom Cloud stems from a shared vision – to make Peakto a universal cataloger for Mac that allows users to explore all their photos through a singular, intuitive interface. Whether images are stored in the Lightroom cloud, Apple Photos, or a simple folder, Peakto provides a comprehensive and up-to-date view of all images and utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically retrieve and categorize thousands of photo files.

1- Connect Peakto with Lightroom 

From the “+” button, choose “Connect My Lightroom Cloud Account” and log in your Lightroom Account. Your Lightroom Account will appear in the left sidebar as a new source. 

All photos from your Lightroom Cloud are now connected into Peakto while retaining their original metadata like:
  • their original structure with all the albums you have created, 
  • their dates, 
  • their keywords, 
  • and the people tagged in your photos. 

You will also retrieve in Peakto the stars you attributed to your photos in Lightroom.

2- Enjoy your Lightroom photos in Peakto

Now that your Ligthroom Cloud is connected to Peakto, you can enjoy: 
  • Multiple displays: detail view, map view, grid view and the AI-generated view (Panorama). The latter automatically categorizes your images based on types or aesthetic qualities.
  • Conversational search: simply describe a photo, including tagged persons and location, and Peakto will find it
  • Similarity-based image search: click right on a photo to search similar photos or utilize the filter panel accessible from the top bar to locate images with comparable technical attributes.
  • Create multi-source albums and smart albums: select photos from different sources (different hard drive, editing software or folders) and create an album. You can also create albums automatically by defining criteria.
Furthermore, you can conveniently edit any image from Lightroom directly within the Peakto platform by clicking on the image you want to edit.

Full-screen and dual-screen viewing mode

We've rolled out a full-screen viewer designed to maximize visual engagement. We've taken it a step further by offering full support for dual-screen configurations. You can now enjoy your photos in full-screen and control on the second screen which catalogs or selection you are exploring. On the second screen, you can display the grid view, the Panorama view or any other display mode from Peakto.

For those who love shortcuts and quick commands, we designed a new keyboard-based navigation that makes it easier than ever to browse through your catalogs. You can go to the next image, zoom in or out or even go to the next version of the same images.

Indeed, Peakto gathers the different versions of the same photo and you can navigate through in full-screen by using Command + Right Arrow.