Peakto is so confusing to use

Peakto is so confusing to use

1) I learned that when I right click and edit with an external app, it actually creates copy for me to edit and stores it in a convoluted temporary directory created by Peakto.  So when I finish editing and save, it actually just saves/overwrites the temporary copy, which is not even referenced inside the Peakto app itself.  To make Peakto aware of the change, I must manually move the edited version back to the original directory and overwrite it myself.

2) I assumed Peakto will behave more like a normal photo catalog software where I can view, edit (see #1 above), and delete unwanted photos.  So why can't I delete photos from within Peakto?  This app makes me feel like I'm using a read-only photo viewer.

Sure, I discovered I can click on the little icon at the bottom showing the original location and will also take me there so I can delete it using the Finder app.  Yes, I can also right click a photo and select "Show master image in finder", but wow -- what a pain in the arse.

3) Often, when viewing the different versions of a photo, subsequent clicks on the small icons of the different versions results in the render of the versions images being blurry.  It renders the default image fine.  Just not the other versions.  I have to close and restart Peakto and quickly click on the other versions before the default version renders completely to have a clear render.

Here is a link to video showing that only the first image gets rendered properly:

I'm using version 1.6.1