Peakto v1.0.2 is Out!

Peakto v1.0.2 is Out!

We just released Peakto v1.0.2 on our web site.
Updating to this latest version is as simple as choosing Peakto > Check for Updates... in the main menu and confirming your update to v1.0.2

This update is important as it fixes some important errors in the handling of Apple Photos that could cause the ingestion to stall or take forever. We are happy to announce that we improved ingestion time across all catalog types, but the increase is pretty dramatic for Apple Photos (x10 ?).
We will publish some comprehensive benchmarks soon. 
This release also improve reliability and speed in many areas. A more detailed list of changes is available below.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you experience some slow ingestions. We are happy to look into the details (all configurations are different) and are here to help make the experience flawless.

With regards

co-founder and CTO, CYME

WHAT's NEW in v1.0.2
  • [NEW] : Panorama now detects when a source has some missing AI scores and proposes to compute them.
  • [NEW] : Panorama also displays a more appropriate prompt when the scores for a specific categories were disabled in the Preferences.
  • [NEW] : We now use HEIC for our thumbnail formats.
  • [NEW] : Drag and drop from Panorama to albums is now supported.
  • [NEW] : When scanning folders, we avoid entering into packages.
  • [NEW] : Edit in... menu is now available to launch most common apps for editing master files.
  • [IMPROVED] : Vastly improved performances when ingesting from Apple Photos. Peakto could get stuck in early stages. Now the benchmark is about 90s per 1000 images. 
  • [IMPROVED] : We improved performance throughout the app.
  • [IMPROVED] : We vastly improved performance in the Panorama selection.
  • [IMPROVED] : We improved the memory footprint in some situations.
  • [FIXED] : in some situations, the Lightroom high definition images would not be displayed in Detail view (image would disappear)
  • [FIXED] : in some occasions, the instants could become very big.
  • [FIXED] : We fixed many smaller usability bugs.
  • [FIXED] : We improved localisation.