Peakto v1.0.5 is out!

Peakto v1.0.5 is out!

hello all!

We are happy to announce  the latest release of Peakto: v1.0.5

It is available from inside the app, using the Peakto > Check for Updates... menu

In this release we focused on performances and will publish some real benchmarks today:
- we significantly improved the ingestion of folders. This could be excruciating slow in previous releases. We have reworked that part and we have ingestions speeds that are on par with what other cataloging apps are doing (typically between 1000 and 1500 images per minute). This is between 5x and 10x faster than before. Even more in some situations.
- we improved ingestion for all catalog types. It is faster and some steps have been increased by a factor of 10x, especially if your catalog already contains a lot of images.
- we also improved performances when browsing images but this task will get more attention in the next release where we will significantly improve speed when using the app.

The detailed list of changes is given below:
  • [NEW] : New option to re-ingest sources: Full or Smart.
  • [IMPROVED] : Ingestion of image folders is now up to 10x faster and uses CPU resources more efficiently.
  • [IMPROVED] : Performance improvements across the board when ingesting new data (benchmarks available).
  • [IMPROVED] : Performance improvements when using Panorama and navigating in the app.
  • [IMPROVED] : Huge performance and efficiency improvements when computing Instants.
  • [IMPROVED] : Improved onboarding with better clarity to our privacy policy.
  • [IMPROVED] : Improved end user license agreement (EULA) and legal sections of documentation.
  • [IMPROVED] : Improved memory foorprint.
  • [FIXED] : Performance lag in ingested folders fixed.
  • [FIXED] : Fixed issue of random missing images when ingesting compressed 14-bit images (Nikon RAW in particular) into C1 catalog.
  • [FIXED] : Fixed a rotation bug that occurred intermittently when displaying portrait images..
  • [FIXED] : We fixed many smaller usability bugs.
  • [FIXED] : We improved localisation.

What is coming next?

  • better performances inside the UI
  • lightweight version (120Mb) that downloads faster
  • many tweaks to the UI
  • new options to control the footprint of Peakto
  • improvements to synchronization
  • more videos on key subjects

Known issues that will get fixed asap

  • sometimes the activity monitor get displayed without the user asking for it
  • the layout of the window is not properly remembered between launches
  • some iViewMedia catalogs are not properly recognized
  • some CaptureOne catalogs do not display all images.
  • when dragging HEIC images to albums, some ghost images are being displayed

Main features being worked on

  • smart albums and improvements to search
  • maps and annotation