Peakto v1.0.6 is out!

Peakto v1.0.6 is out!

hello all!

We are happy to announce  the latest release of Peakto: v1.0.6

It is available from inside the app, using the Peakto > Check for Updates... menu

In this release we focused on performances inside the app:
- we significantly improved the memory footprint
- we significantly performance while using the app on large volumes
- we improved some more ingestion for all catalog types.

The detailed list of changes is given below:
  • [NEW] : Added support for Capture One sessions.
  • [NEW] : Albums have now a size indicator in the sidebar.
  • [NEW] : Ability to sort the grid based on the file name.
  • [NEW] : Ability to search content based on file type (extension).
  • [NEW] : The sidebar can have the focus and supports Keyboard navigation.
  • [NEW] : Ability to prevent Peakto from going to sleep when ingesting or running some background tasks.
  • [NEW] : Exporting of selected representations or instants is possible without creating an album for it.
  • [NEW] : Menu bar item to export an album.
  • [IMPROVED] : much better handling of large volumes of data (>200k images).
  • [IMPROVED] : Faster startup time.
  • [IMPROVED] : Faster grid rendering.
  • [IMPROVED] : Faster panorama rendering.
  • [IMPROVED] : Faster context switching between grid and panorama.
  • [IMPROVED] : Peakto will switch much faster in the background or the background causing much less beachball appearance.
  • [IMPROVED] : Performance improvements across the board when navigating inside the app.
  • [IMPROVED] : Improved menu labeling.
  • [IMPROVED] : Reduced memory footprint.
  • [FIXED] : The status of the app (window size, split view sizes) is now properly remembered between launches.
  • [FIXED] : The status of sidebar nodes is now remembered and they don't change during drag and drop operations.
  • [FIXED] : A situation could arise when Peakto could be blocked when running lots of tasks at once.
  • [FIXED] : Ghost images when dropping content in albums are gone.
  • [FIXED] : The last album in the list can now be renamed.
  • [FIXED] : When doing a Smart Re-ingest of a source, the structure could be duplicated.
  • [FIXED] : The grid did not properly take the focus the first time.
  • [FIXED] : We fixed a potential crash 💣 when ingesting many sources at the same time.
  • [FIXED] : We fixed a number of reported crash 💣 situations.
  • [FIXED] : We fixed many smaller usability bugs.
  • [FIXED] : We improved localisation.

What is coming next?

  • new sorting capabilities
  • a smaller app with ressources downloaded on demand
  • better support for incremental updates.
  • smart albums.

Known issues that will get fixed asap

  • sometimes the activity monitor get displayed without the user asking for it
  • some iViewMedia catalogs are not properly recognized
  • some CaptureOne catalogs do not display all images.
  • Some update events in underlying catalogs can be missed. We will improve this greatly in the next update.
  • Some PhaseOne MediaPro catalogs cannot be opened. We are working on it.

Main features being worked on

  • smart albums and improvements to search
  • maps and annotation