Peakto v1.3 is out ?

Peakto v1.3 is out ?

hello all!

We are happy to announce  the latest release of Peakto: v1.3. We put a lot of work and ❤️ into making this a great release from many points of view

It is available from inside the app, using the Peakto > Check for Updates... menu

In this release we focused on  UI, AI and performances inside the app:
- we significantly improved the workflows inside the UI through a clearer separation of search/filter/navigation panels.
- we significantly improved performance while using the app on large volumes
- we added new AI capabilities while also improving the display of scores and color harmonies.
- we improved some more ingestion for all catalog types, and solved several issues with Capture One.

The detailed list of changes is given below:

  • [NEW] : UI. We have completely reorganized the UI to make it easier and logical:
  • there is a new filter button next to the search field that controls the showing and hiding of the filter bar.
  • there are new items in that filter bar that makes it very easy to access structure | faces | keywords | dates.
  • the zoom and Instants/Representation toggle has been moved to the status bar.
  • we removed the header of the views to better legibility
  • [NEW] : New AI section in the inspector that regroups all AI scores. Updated look and feel for the various score indicators.
  • [NEW] : New layout for Panorama where the buttons form a sticky header and there are less jumps when scrolling.
  • [NEW] : New Harmony visualizer.
  • [NEW] : New contextual popup to see the AI scores in the grid.
  • [NEW] : New classifiers for Documents, Memes and Drawings.
  • [NEW] : New features detections (Blur, Bad White Balance, Haze).
  • [NEW] : New sorting criterias in the view: sort by instant size, sort by scores.
  • [IMPROVED] : Vaslty improved search and exploration speed in the case of very large collections.
  • [IMPROVED] : Faster file parser when dealing with Finder folders.
  • [IMPROVED] : Better compatibility with C1, including C1 v23.
  • [IMPROVED] : We improved the counting of representations and instants, and reworked the display.
  • [IMPROVED] : We improved the ingestion speed of C1 catalogs.
  • [FIXED] : We fixed some queries that would never work in the Smart Albums.
  • [FIXED] : We fixed the disappearing of the scrollbar.
  • [FIXED] : We fixed an important issue with APFS drives formatted on Catalina or Monterrey where the images would appear offline.
  • [FIXED] : We fixed an important issue with Capture one catalogs where
  • [FIXED] : some catalogs would be ingested partially
  • [FIXED] : some images would appear offline despite the fact that they were online
  • [FIXED] : some folders would be wrongly referenced in the database
  • [FIXED] : We improved localisation.

What is coming next?

  • better support for incremental updates.
  • support for Lightroom CC
  • annotations
  • some surprises

Known issues that will get fixed asap

  • sometimes the activity monitor get displayed without the user asking for it
  • some iViewMedia catalogs are not properly recognized
  • Some update events in underlying catalogs can be missed. We will improve this greatly in the next update.
  • Some PhaseOne MediaPro catalogs cannot be opened. We are working on it.

Main features being worked on

  • annotations !!!!
  • performances, especially when dealing with file system