Referenced files not found, different structure.

Referenced files not found, different structure.

I've been running into a problem migrating a large catalog. Most of it works great (managed photos), but referenced photos are not found. The referenced files have been moved to an external hard disk alongside the Aperture catalog as the original mac on which they were located is no longer operating.

When Avalanche makes a log of these missing files, it also doesn't tell me from where they are missing (no path, just filename).

"Content    Some data could not be converted and will be missing in the converted catalog.    Master    blablabla.CR2    Some masters are missing on disk and were skipped. Please reconnect the media first in the source catalog and try again.

Is there a way to force Avalanche to check a folder if searching for referenced files? All the files it is missing (in the log) are in this folder and its subfolders. (Which is a folder named Masters one folder back from the catalog).

If anyone has any idea, help is greatly appreciated as now we're having to import the remaining 50,000 photos manually and are missing their info.