Some first impressions with peakto

Some first impressions with peakto

Dear Developers,

I just got to know peakto from some photo page on the web, downloaded it (version 1.0.5) and tried it for my (non-professional but enthusiastic) work. I use an Olympus camera, shoot raw files, process them with DXO and manage them in iPhoto. My photo catalog is about 50000 photos and a relatively small number (in the hundreds) of videos.

I use a 2019 16'' MacBook Pro with an 8-core Intel i9 processor and 32 GB of RAM/1TB SSD, so usually this is no slug. My iPhoto catalog is on an external SSD, connected via USB-C with 1GB/s bandwidth, in normal use this is instantly opened and accessed.

I ingested a directory on my main ssd with a few hundred scattered photos and the iPhoto catalog. The first ingest crashed. I then re-opened peakto and started a re-ingest. It took almost 3 days and is not complete still (!)

Panorama mode is almost unusable. Most categories show no items. I often have difficulties when I click on one particular photo to open it. Responsiveness is very slow.

I will be a bit more patient and see if the ingest is still incomplete and whether the slow performance is related to that incomplete ingest. But in the current state i fear that this software is not really usable for me.

I'd like to hear other experiences and learn if I can do something differently. I like the idea of peakto and think it would be of great help. I'd also willing to pay the (for an amateur stiff) price, if it really worked for me.

Thanks, anyways for this interesting experience so far!