Transferring metadata from Lightroom catalog to referenced "Watched Folder" image files

Transferring metadata from Lightroom catalog to referenced "Watched Folder" image files

I wish you all a happy new year!

I am currently preparing to move away from Lightroom this year and have a question about how Peakto works in connection with "Watched Folders".

As background information, it is important to note that I cannot use Peakto at the moment because I am still working with macOS 10.14. I want to get rid of Lightroom in the future, so I don't want to add new photos to the existing LR catalog. When I refer to "folders" in the following, I mean folders in the macOS file system.

The main folder of my photo library contains 10.000s of Canon RAW files but no sidecar files because I don't let Lightroom write them to the file system yet. Some of my Canon RAW files have GPS data directly in the RAW file, depending on the camera used, some do not (in this case I added the GPS data to the Lightroom catalog). If I now add the main folder to Peakto as a "Watched Folder" (but not the associated Lightroom catalog), I see the metadata in Peakto that is stored directly in the Canon RAW files, i.e. aperture, shutter speed, ISO value and also the GPS location for the photos that contain GPS data. Correct?

If I now also add the Lightroom catalog in Peakto, which references exactly these photos that I had previously added directly in Peakto as "Watched Folder", then each photo should appear twice in Peakto: once from the "Watched Folder" source and once from the Lightroom catalog source. Right?

However, the Lightroom catalog contains much more metadata than the Canon RAW files per se. Is there any automatic or possible manual transfer of metadata from the LR source in Peakto to the Watched Folder source in Peakto? If I remove the LR catalog from Peakto again (which I plan to do in the long term), will the additional metadata that was in the LR catalog be gone as well?

If this is the case, can I solve this by having Lightroom write the metadata from the catalog as sidecar files into the file system? Does Peakto then automatically realize that the watched folder source now suddenly contains sidecar files and does Peakto then automatically import this metadata so that it is permanently available, even if I delete the sidecar files again?

What happens if there are metadata conflicts? So if I manually add the gps location to a photo from the Watched Folder source that has no GPS data stored in the photo file at the time before I have Lightroom write the sidecar files to the file system, and then have Lightroom create the sidecar files, then there could be a discrepancy between the gps location I manually added in Peakto and the gps location from the Lightroom sidecar files. How does Peakto deal with this?