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    • Recent Topics

    • Shortcuts (editable)

      I would be useful to have editable shortcuts for various functions in Peakto. Is this something you plan to introduce? Best regards, Thomas
    • Image Filename Position

      Hi, Just an idea on Image Filename Position
    • Image shadow on outside of image

      I like the faint, mirrored image on the outside of the image, if you know what I mean, but on images like .pxd where background is cut out, this is shown around the main subject, on the inside of the image. Looks good but I find it distracting to what
    • Color Tag Smart Album

      Hi, I am still having problems with Color Tag Smart Albums. I have only one (1) image that is Color Tagged. The image should explain better. Star Ratings works fine.
    • Auto detect/import Capture One sessions

      I use Capture One sessions for most work. How can I automatically detect and import these sessions? It's quite a bit of clicking about to import each of the sessions I have.
    • Peakto v1.5.1 is out....please read

      hello We just released v1.5.1 with important fixes. We discovered a rather complex and unexpected issue with the app autoupdate mechanism that is currently broken due to the sandboxing (security model) of macOS. As a result, Peakto will offer you to download
    • Capture One images

      Hi, I have updated to 1.5, and re-ingested my Capture One catalog. Now, as I scroll through the images, it takes a long time to render each image (between 3-4 seconds).
    • Color Tags: difficult to distinguish Pink and Red

      It's difficult to tell the difference between the Pink and Red colour tags. If you see them side by side, you may be able to see which is which, but the Pink tag on its own looks more or less red. Perhaps if the Pink tag was a little lighter it would
    • Peakto as a substitute for some other DAM (feature request)

      Hello Matthieu and team! What is this about? Make Peakto the place of truth and overcome third party catalogues/libraries by replacing them with a full blown native Peakto catalogue. As a user of some other DAM system I want to migrate completely to Peakto,
    • Option to hide Property Panel sections you don't use

      Would it be possible to add an option to hide Property Panel sections you don't use (e.g. Instagram)?
    • Option to filter images by clicking on keyword tag

      It would be useful if you could click on a keyword in the keyword section to show all images with this keyword. E.g. click on the keyword 'Architecture' to have Peakto show all images with this keyword.
    • Option to select image currently selected in Capture One (or other applications)

      While Peakto has an option to open an image in Capture One (or other applications), it would be useful to have an option in Peakto to select the image currently selected in Capture One, for instance if you wanted to annotate this image or add it to an
    • Option to exclude subfolders from a watched folder

      It would be useful to have an option to exclude subfolders from specific watched folders.
    • Smart albums – file name patterns

      Is it possible to use file name patterns as conditions for smart albums? For instance if I want to include or exclude files that contain a specific string of letters. Thomas
    • Edit in/Open with....

      Hi, Not sure if this is being addressed, or if possible now. I don't have the option to open images in NX Studio, Neofinder, Photo Supreme. Would be good to have that option....
    • Peakto demo/trial version

      Is there a demo/trial version of Peakto anywhere, or do you have to purchase a license/subscription and then request a refund in order just to try it?
    • macOS colour tags

      Is there any way you can get Peakto to pick up macOS colour tags on image files? Thomas
    • What do you think is the best photo editor right now and why?

      Photoshop, Luminar, Lightroom, Capture One and others...  What is your favorite editing software and why?
    • Panorama view: Black & White

      In Panorama view you can sort images by colour, but as far as I can see there's option for black & white images. This would be useful.
    • Synchronize metadata for specific images

      It would be useful if there was an option to synchronize metadata for specific (selected) images.
    • Map view

      When you select a photo and then switch to Map view, the map is zoomed out, and all photos taken in the area are shown with – as far as I can tell – nothing to indicate which one is selected. It would be useful if instead the map was zoomed in on the
    • Updating Peakto after making changes in Lightroom

      Hello, Trying to find the best way to update Peakto with Lightroom catalog when changes to ratings, keywords etc have been made. Where can I find the answer to the difference between Smart Re-ingest Synchronize now Custom Sync Compute Missing AI scores
    • Some first impressions with peakto

      Dear Developers, I just got to know peakto from some photo page on the web, downloaded it (version 1.0.5) and tried it for my (non-professional but enthusiastic) work. I use an Olympus camera, shoot raw files, process them with DXO and manage them in
    • Glitch

      Seems like the left panel gets stuck on opening . Eventually it comes good. But not always. Anyone else experience this? I have uploaded a screen shot and computer details
    • Overlays

      Would a more transparent (less opaque) overlay that blends in with the thumbnail look better, without being impractical?
    • Where is your next destination for photography?

      Sometimes, as a photographer, you're looking for a vacation spot only because you know that you can make beautiful images. Right now, I have Iceland and Madeira in mind... What about you? 
    • What are the latest photographers that inspired you?

      Whether it's on Instagram, at an exhibition, or elsewhere...
    • Smart Albums

      Hi Matthieu, Happy New Year to you/and staff, and community. We touched on this recently with Smart Albums. Color Tags and Star ratings, where "exists" or "does not exist" still seems to be the opposite meaning.
    • Photo Summary

      Would a summary of an image be handy to anyone? (As shown in attached image). This is similar to Capture One.
    • Workaround for synchronizing metadata?

      Is there any workaround for synchronizing the metadata/colour tags of a Capture One catalogue, or is the only option to delete the Peakto database and import the catalogue again? Best regards, Thomas
    • Technical Score and technical flaws

      One thing I'm curious about regarding the technical score is that it often appears not to reflect flaws such as underexposure or camera shake. Two examples. This photo has a technical score of 1.04: This one has a score of 0.57: What parameters is the
    • Recalculate AI scores?

      Is there any way to recalculate AI scores? If the initial scores are calculated on the basis of thumbnails, and thumbnails change when images are edited, presumably these initial calculations are no longer valid for the updated thumbnails.
    • Peakto Ingestion Time...

      Please help set my expectations! My Adobe Lightroom Classic library contains over 300,000 images. How much time should I expect Peakto to take for the ingestion process of a library of this size? Minutes? Hours? Half a day? Many days? Months? All technology
    • When pasting a search term into the search field, the text in question is pasted twice

      I just noticed that when you paste a search term into the search field, the term in question is pasted twice. E.g. if you copy the word "Word" and paste it into the search field, you get "WordWord".
    • Problem with star rating of jpeg vs raw

      I may have stumbled upon a small bug, or is it? In a Capture One database, I have two photos with the same name, one a raw file (with its xmp file), one a jpeg export of the same file. When I have ingested the C1 database into Peakto, both the raw and
    • How to deselect?

      If you've selected all images, how do you deselect/clear the selection?
    • Peakto 1.3.5 – image files offline

      After ingesting my Capture One catalogue in Peakto 1.3.5 (from scratch, having deleted the previous Peakto database), all image files are now listed as offline – under Master Information their file paths wrongly point to the internal hard drive rather
    • Regarding the aesthetic score

      I'm curious about the aesthetic score. On the Understanding AI scores help page it says "this score combines various scores (purely aesthetics, composition, technical) to infer a global score that is used in Panorama". But what exactly is the aesthetic
    • Search funciton – limitations

      It would be useful if the search function had a filtering option that would show all occurrences of a search term no matter where (file name, metadata, etc.) and including images/thumbnails. As it is, it seems that you have to pick a result from the list
    • Keywords in Capture One catalogue jumbled up

      After importing a Capture One catalogue (having deleted my old Peakto database), some photos have been assigned incorrect keywords in Peakto (Peakto 1.3.0d).
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    • Preview quality in Peakto for CaptureOne catalogs

      If you are a CaptureOne user and have added some C1 catalogs to Peakto you have probably noticed that the quality of the previews is lower than for other catalogs. Peakto uses the previews computed by the cataloging apps to generate its own previews ...
    • Does Avalanche support Referenced and Managed files ?

      This is a question we received a lot: does Avalanche properly handle referenced and managed files from your library ? Or we get asked this variant: "do I need to transform my managed images into referenced images, or the opposite, to work with ...
    • Understanding the output options (from version 1.0.5)

      This article describes the conversion options that are available to you in Avalanche for Lightroom from version 1.0.5. The conversion options are available at the bottom of the conversion window, once you have selected a destination and look like ...
    • AVALANCHE - Frequently Asked Question

      Q: What is the purpose of Avalanche ? Avalanche is designed to convert catalogs of photographs from one application to another. For example, if you wish to move your pictures that are currently catalogued in Apple Aperture to another app, such as ...
    • How much free space does Peakto need ?

      Short answer, that depends on how many photographs you will index in Peakto. Peakto will need about 200 kB per picture.  The table below describes the space needed in different scenarios: # of pictures Size needed by Peakto in GB 10,000 1.9 100,000 ...