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    • Image(s) in search result partly hidden

      Image(s) in search results are partly hidden and you need to scroll down a little to see the top. (Obviously not a great problem, just a consistent one.) Here's an example:
    • When you view a photo in a watched folder the yellow sync icon appears in Peakto

      When you view a photo in a watched folder (e.g. using macOS's quick look function or otherwise open the photo without changing it or saving it again) the yellow sync icon appears in Peakto as if something has been changed. Why is this?
    • Conversational search

      Yesterday I was searching Peakto for images from Fukuyama, the Japanese city, and I noticed that when choosing "Conversational search", I got 383 results, all of them, except for one, unrelated to the city (and I don't have any photos of Francis Fukuyama).
    • Peakto's search function

      I find it inconvenient that it isn't possible to just type a word or phrase in the search field and then press enter. It would be useful if there was a way of specifying a default setting for the search function so that you didn't have to scroll through
    • The question that developers should be asking is what features are missing from the top photo processing softwares. What is missing for you?

      To me, a workflow is all about streamlining processes and removing obstacles. While organizing remains a significant challenge, it's not merely about folder structures; it's about efficient keywording, titling, and describing images. Dealing with various
    • Export Filename based on meta-data fields

      I would like to name files based on meta-data fields (e.g. exif, iptc, ai). Please bring this feature to the export dialog, when "custom name" as naming option is selected.
    • How long did it take Peakto 1.10 to ingest your photos?

      We'd love to hear about your experiences with Peakto 1.10 and how it has performed for you. How long did it take Peakto 1.10 to ingest your photos? Please share details about the number of photos you've ingested and the specific machine you're using.
    • Latest Version

      Is ver 1.10.4 - 7663 the latest for Peakto?
    • Version with Edits

      Hello I'm giving Peakto a try. I have attached my Capture One catalog. On some of the photos a small widow showing the photo with the caption "Version with Edits" I find that very distracting. 1. What does it mean 2. How do I get rid of it :) Thanks Monty
    • How to delete an attached source

      Hi all, beginning to use Peakto I attached a lot of folder (with my pictures) located in an external HDD, named let say VOLUME1. But since, I had to rename my external HDD, so I attached again the same folders but with another volume name, let say VOLUME2.
    • Transferring metadata from Lightroom catalog to referenced "Watched Folder" image files

      I wish you all a happy new year! I am currently preparing to move away from Lightroom this year and have a question about how Peakto works in connection with "Watched Folders". As background information, it is important to note that I cannot use Peakto
    • Map view

      When you select a photo and then switch to Map view, the map is zoomed out, and all photos taken in the area are shown with – as far as I can tell – nothing to indicate which one is selected. It would be useful if instead the map was zoomed in on the
    • Converting from Lightroom to file system: folder structure

      I would like to convert several large Lightroom catalogs to the file system for later use with Peakto and have a question about the "type of exported folder structure": I use the following folder structure in the file system (the Lightroom catalogs emulate
    • Normal conversion speed from Aperture to Capture One?

      Hi, I have a 600GB Aperture library that I am converting to Capture One after all these years. Retroactive kept things limping along, but I finally purchase Avalanche to migrate the library. I noticed that briefly, my 10-core i9 iMac was running at about
    • Avalanche available for Apple Aperture to Lumniar NEO?

      Is there a plan to add Luminar NEO to Avalanche capabilities? I have an old Apple Aperture library I would like to access in NEO but only see Luminar 4 and Luminar AI listed as Luminar targets. As a workaround, has anyone tried using Avalanche to go from
    • Download?

      This might sound weird... but where do i download the latest full version of Peakto? I own a license and want to install it on a new computer.. but all find is a request to download the trial. Am i overseeing something obvious?
    • Create collections in Lightroom from Peakto

      Probably a hundred reasons why this can't happen but I figured I'd suggest it anyway. The power of Peakto is gathering photographs together using AI instead of metadata. It's very powerful in that regard and can find photos that I failed to add GPS metadata
    • Apple Photos in Peakto: "No images to show"

      Hello, I just started using Peakto. I attached an Aperture library, of moderate size, it appeared to work well. I also attached 2 Apple Photos libraries, one with 381 photos, this one worked equally well. The other one, which has 7330 images or so, does
    • Add a shortcut for "Show master image in Finder"

      It would be great to have a simple shortcut to "Show master image in Finder". I often lose a bit of time when searching for this option in the right-click menu, when I think it should be one of the first options to show up.
    • Faces in Peakto 1.10

      I've noticed that the faces detection tools seems to have been upgraded: it detects faces in photo, and allows to tag them. I have manually tagged some faces, but they do not appear in the "faces" panel. It says "no faces in source". ==> It seems to me
    • Peakto 1.10 Edit in.....

      Hi, I've noticed that when right clicking on a capture one image, it will show "Edit in Capture One", but won't always show "Open in...." or "Edit in workspace..." . Also the Image Tab list isn't as complete (or in same order) as the list when I right
    • Watched folder stuck on "analysing"

      I have a watched folder on an external drive, next to which the yellow "sync" logo appears: When I click the yellow logo, the following window appears: However it is stuck on "analysing", I never get to the point where it displays the number of changes.
    • Quality of keywords generated by AI

      The keywords generated by AI to help us finding images is one of the top selling points of Peakto but so far the quality of the generated AI keywords is not exactly high in my collection. Quality looks similar to what I have seen several years ago but
    • IA Tab bug.

      First , kudos for the work done, I've been following you since 2019 and the work done is tremendous. This version of Peakto is now mature and deserves to be widely adopted. Second, just FYI, following a transition to another hard disk for my originals
    • Panoramas and HDRs are not "Instants"

      A series of similar photos for panoramas, stacks and HDRs are not "Instants". I wish there was a recognition of these use cases (by similarity and time stamps?) and a way to group them differently from instants. Possible? :-)
    • Peakto vs Mylio

      I am wondering what Peakto offers that Mylio doesn't - the free version of Mylio seems to do a lot. Just wondering if anyone in the Peakto community has any advice. Thanks.
    • Filter by aspect ratio

      Hi, It would be great to be able to filter images by a certain aspect ratio. For example, I like shooting in 65:24 so I'd like to be able to retrieve these pictures instantly. I think it would be useful for a lot of people, even with more "standard" aspect
    • Impossible to select "RAW image" in the filter

      In the filter, we can choose "JPEG image" as file type: However, when we want to display only RAW images, we don't have a generic "RAW image filter", instead we are presented with the choice of specific RAW formats based on manufacturer: This doesn't
    • Auto detect/import Capture One sessions

      I use Capture One sessions for most work. How can I automatically detect and import these sessions? It's quite a bit of clicking about to import each of the sessions I have.
    • Apple Aperture survivor looking for advice - Peakto or Avalanche

      I am a long time Apple Aperture survivor that really needs to let go and join the modern world. I am at a complete loss as what to do. Should I use Avalanche to migrate to Capture One? Does Avalanche work with DxO PhotoLab or ON1 Photo Raw? Should I use
    • Unanswered support re instagram and LR not opening images

      Howdy, I've been trialing Peakto, which has now expired. I put in a support ticket almost 2 weeks ago re Instagram not being added (even though credentials entered without problem), and a couple days ago re when trying to open an image in LR, LR opens
    • Capture One Previews - Session Output

      I understand that previews are an issue with Capture One. I saw some posts that there was some collaborative work going on with Capture One, the company, to solve this issue. That seemed to be a year ago but as of now, with Peakto 1.9.5, the issue is
    • Peakto stuck forever in "Checking incremental changes from source.."

      I have updated macOS from 14.01 to 14.1 and updated my photo library (it did "something" on first startup of Apple Photos). In Peakto, it successfully synced new items from Apple Photos, but has not run AI analysis on them. I triggered this manually by
    • Avalanche, Mac OS Sonoma

      unable to load Apple photos catalog. Avalanche, MacOS Sonoma 14.0 error "unable to determine catalog version"
    • Filtering images

      I just had to filter a lot of my dumb stable diffusion creations, and I discovered that while I can, for example, filter by favorites, I cannot filter by non-favorites. I was tagging the ones I wanted to keep and not the ones I wanted to delete, and I
    • Problem while indexing

      Peakto beta (1.9.1-7026) has some problems while indexing images. I've two local folders, one LRC catalog, and on LR cloud Catalog, and the program crashes every time while it get's to about 58% of indexing. I deleted everything several times, and the
    • Peakto performance during AI analyzis has been degraded since 1.8.6 on Intel Mac

      Hello, Since the last update (1.8.6), I've noticed a huge degradation of the performance during the AI analysis. My Intel iMac is freezing up during the analysis, where before this update it was running fine. Currently Peakto is unusable in my machine.
    • Histogramme ?

      Bonjour, Je ne trouve pas trace d'histogramme dans l'inspecteur. est-ce normal ? si oui, c'est un gros manque Hello, I can't find a histogram in the inspector. Is this normal? If so, it's a big problem.
    • Peakto does show duplicates that I've deleted from Lightroom

      How to get peakto to actually synchronize to such changes in Lightroom? I deleted several duplicates in lightroom some days ago, but they still show up in peakto. I've tried to synchronize several times, but there is no change at all.
    • How can I add metadata in Peakto that gets synced to Apple Photos?

      Hi, I'm trying to use Peakto to help organise my Apple Photos library. Most useful are the various advanced smart filters and image similarity searches in Peakto, which helps me find images I want to delete or organise differently. Ideally I would want
    • Popular Articles

    • Preview quality in Peakto for CaptureOne catalogs

      If you are a CaptureOne user and have added some C1 catalogs to Peakto you have probably noticed that the quality of the previews is lower than for other catalogs. Peakto uses the previews computed by the cataloging apps to generate its own previews ...
    • Does Avalanche support Referenced and Managed files ?

      This is a question we received a lot: does Avalanche properly handle referenced and managed files from your library ? Or we get asked this variant: "do I need to transform my managed images into referenced images, or the opposite, to work with ...
    • Understanding the output options (from version 1.0.5)

      This article describes the conversion options that are available to you in Avalanche for Lightroom from version 1.0.5. The conversion options are available at the bottom of the conversion window, once you have selected a destination and look like ...
    • AVALANCHE - Frequently Asked Question

      Q: What is the purpose of Avalanche ? Avalanche is designed to convert catalogs of photographs from one application to another. For example, if you wish to move your pictures that are currently catalogued in Apple Aperture to another app, such as ...
    • Preparing multi-part Google Photos takeouts for migration with Avalanche

      Since v1.4 (*) Avalanche for Lightroom/for Luminar/Unlimited support the migration of Google Photos takeouts. See our blog post about Google Photos and Avalanche. Understanding Google takeouts Google Photo takeouts are file archives that can be ...