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    • Q: Compute Missing AI Scores VS. Run Image AI Analysis vs Smart Re-ingest

      When I ingested my libraries, I generally decided to cancel the AI Analysis as it was taking a long time, and I was more interested in just getting my libraries in and start organizing images into some very specific albums. Some 'ingested' libraries have
    • Path to Lightroom catalog

      Is there a way to change the catalog path in Peakto if it is moved?
    • Some first impressions with peakto

      Dear Developers, I just got to know peakto from some photo page on the web, downloaded it (version 1.0.5) and tried it for my (non-professional but enthusiastic) work. I use an Olympus camera, shoot raw files, process them with DXO and manage them in
    • Nice to have features

      Please consider the following: Add rollover info on icon to let one know what it does, Add "unsupported" when trying to open a file with an external app or extension that is not supported, Consider showing zoom value under "zoom slider". I would like
    • Peakto demo/trial version

      Is there a demo/trial version of Peakto anywhere, or do you have to purchase a license/subscription and then request a refund in order just to try it?
    • Peakto v1.0.6 is out!

      hello all! We are happy to announce  the latest release of Peakto: v1.0.6 It is available from inside the app, using the Peakto > Check for Updates... menu In this release we focused on performances inside the app: - we significantly improved the memory
    • Peakto Features Wishes

      The beta version of Peakto is only the beginning of a journey that will take us much further. Our ambition: to enhance, through the power of AI, the way you find your photos; to invent new ways to share your photos; and to help you clean up your pictures.
    • Peakto v1.0.5 is out!

      hello all! We are happy to announce  the latest release of Peakto: v1.0.5 It is available from inside the app, using the Peakto > Check for Updates... menu In this release we focused on performances and will publish some real benchmarks today: - we significantly
    • Peakto v1.0.2 is Out!

      We just released Peakto v1.0.2 on our web site. Updating to this latest version is as simple as choosing Peakto > Check for Updates... in the main menu and confirming your update to v1.0.2 This update is important as it fixes some important errors in
    • Create your own Peakto catalog and some other questions

      I currently use the subscription version of lightroom. I would like to renounce it completely and cancel the subscription. Can I use Peakto to read the existing catalog and add photos without using Lightroom? Currently, the images (36,000) are on a server,
    • What is the Optimal spec for Peakto and Avalanche use?

      I am hoping to ingest large volumes of photos that include both catalogs and folders of loose images. When I'm considering upgrades to a new Mac, what specs will have the most impact on performance with initial ingestion on Peakto and with conversions
    • Referenced masters on network drive not found

      Hi, in Aperture I used referenced masters and these mostly reside on a network drive (Drobo 5N2). The drive is online and Aperture is showing, that the masters are online as well. However, when I try to convert my Aperture library with Avalanche, Avalanche
    • [PEAKTO] Add choice to edit file in other editors

      Hi all !! Hi there, I have just adopted Peakto which will surely replace FastRawViewer advantageously in my photographic workflow. My collection is based on a NAS share in which my photos are classified by theme in folders. In this case, Peakto only offers
    • Merci !

      Bonjour, Un point de mon utilisation. J'utilise plusieurs logiciels (Photos pour celle de l'iPhone, Photo Mechanic Plus pour le tri, Lightroom Classic pour le cataloguage, Capture One pour le développement avec les sessions, Dxo parfois et Photoshop)
    • Any association between Previews and their Masters?

      I'm just getting started (already watched quite a few of the videos, including the preview-related ones), and converted one of my smaller (<5000 photos) Aperture libraries today to Lightroom to start to understand how Avalanche transforms things. I'm
    • Where is your next destination for photography?

      Sometimes, as a photographer, you're looking for a vacation spot only because you know that you can make beautiful images. Right now, I have Iceland and Madeira in mind... What about you? 
    • What do you think is the best photo editor right now and why?

      Photoshop, Luminar, Lightroom, Capture One and others...  What is your favorite editing software and why?
    • Peakto Ingestion Time...

      Please help set my expectations! My Adobe Lightroom Classic library contains over 300,000 images. How much time should I expect Peakto to take for the ingestion process of a library of this size? Minutes? Hours? Half a day? Many days? Months? All technology
    • What are the latest photographers that inspired you?

      Whether it's on Instagram, at an exhibition, or elsewhere...
    • "Unexpected number of faces" from Apple Photos

      Hello, Have just for the first time tried to import my Apple Photos library using Avalanche for Lightroom. Seems to work well, apart from it gives the message "Unexpected number of face objects. Was expecting 602 but only 5 were converted". Indeed, when
    • Aperture Vault

      is there anyway to use Avalanche to extract my images from an Aperture Vault? I think I messed up my Aperture library when I previously tried to migrate from Aperture to Lightroom. Now that I no longer have access to Aperture I would prefer to start from
    • After Aperture import, some images not showing in Capture one

      Greetings! First of all, Love this SW, so great to be able to import my Aperture images to Capture one! I've been using it since beta, and have been having a few issues. The most notable is referenced images not showing in Capture one  The issue I'm having,
    • Bug in GPS Video IPTC

      Avalanche does not import GPS coordinates for videos (neither does C1 import module) to be seen inside the metadata Exif GPS panel.   However, it attributes IPTC reverse geolocalized information at random, taken from other images, and thus falsely.  
    • Can't display project images

      In current C1 version, at least since v21, when you are in browser mode and select a project inside a user collection, you can see the images of the albums inside the project.  When the library has been imported by Avalanche, it does not seem to work.
    • Introducing updated versions of Avalanche with support for Google Photos

      We updated all flavours of Avalanche today, with new functionalities, feature enhancements and bug fixes. Among those features, we introduced support for Google Photos takeouts. You can now use Avalanche to migrate your Google Photos export to a new home
    • Migrating from Avalanche for lightroom to Avalanche Unlimited, is it possible?

      Hello, I purchase a license for Avalanche for Lightroom today when I should have purchased Avalanche Unlimited instead; user error.... is there a way to migrate from one to the other  and will owners of Avalanche for lightroom or any of the other vesions
    • Is Aperture now completely broken on Catalina ?

      At CYME, we have been using Aperture for the past two years very extensively in our tests. Last week, Aperture stopped being usable on Catalina (macOS 10.15.7), after it started to render all previews and thumbnails of an open catalog as black images.
    • New videos on your YouTube channel!

      CYME on YouTube Please check our YouTube channel for tutorials and how-to videos. This space will grow.  If there is a subject you would want to be covered by a video tutorial, please comment on this thread. The CYME team 
    • Lightroom Masters on external drive cannot be found

      My Lightroom catalogue is on my hard drive, my masters are on an external hard drive. Avalanche finds and analyzes the catalogue. But when I want to convert it, Avalanche says the drive with the masters is not online. Weird, because the drive as such
    • No Lightroom Catalog created

      Hi there, when I convert an Aperture library to Lightroom with Avalanche 1.3.9c (running on Mac Mini M1 / Big Sur 11.4) all the files are copied to new location, but no Lightroom Catalog seems to be created - there's no option on the final screen (screenshot
    • Folder organization

      I'm confused by the user collection structure obtained after the migration I'm starting from a referenced library and I don't want to export the masters.  I would have expected to retrieve a Group/Project/All images structure, as in C1 built-in importer,
    • Referenced files not found, different structure.

      I've been running into a problem migrating a large catalog. Most of it works great (managed photos), but referenced photos are not found. The referenced files have been moved to an external hard disk alongside the Aperture catalog as the original mac
    • Managed Masters not displaying in Aperture

      My current Aperture library should have 100% of the photos managed as referenced files. I am using a Smart Album in Aperture (File status = Managed) to display all Managed photos. No photos are showing in this Smart Alum which confirms that all photos
    • Do I want to export a Sidecar XMP with my Aperture to Lightroom migration?

      I have not been able to find documentation about this on the site. Do I want to export a Sidecar XMP with my export? And if so why? Or is it not needed?
    • Avalanche for Luminar / Avalanche Unlimited on macos 10.13 High Sierra

      Hi there, at the moment I am on macos 10.13 High Sierra, not really wanting to update to 10.14 Mojave and DEFINITELY not wanting to update to 10.15 Catalina. (Because then my Lightroom 6 might stop working correctly). Will you support Avalanche for Luminar / Avalanche Unlimited on macos 10.13 High Sierra? If not will you support macos 10.14 because this I might go (and still use my old Lightroom 6). After getting out of Lightroom (with your Tool "Avalanche" i hope) and being sure about it I will
    • What are the Pros/Cons of the two exported library structures?

      There is the option to Reporduce the Source Hierarchy or do separate Collections and Projects. Is there an advantage disadvantage to either/or?
    • Why would I want to choose the different Preview Import options?

      There are options to Never import previews, When conversion is approximate or lossy, when conversion is lossy, Always when available.  I could not find an answer to why I would want to use one of these over another for my import from Aperture to Lig
    • Include an option to Ignore Pictures for import if one only wanted to import Video files to a catalog

      Include an option to Ignore Pictures for import if one only wanted to import Video files to a catalog
    • What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different exported folder structures.

      What are the reasons I would want to use a Flat Hierarchy? Is there an advantage to that format? Are there in inherent advantages/disadvantages to any of the other types of folder structure? I am leaning toward the Year/Month/date but with ~3TB of data
    • Avalanche losing metadata

      I've got an Aperture library I busted up into smaller libraries—one for each year—and when I convert one of those smaller libraries to Lightroom with Avalanche 1.3.4, out of 11,000 images, about 7,500 of them lose all their EXIF and IPTC data. I opened
    • Popular Articles

    • Does Avalanche support Referenced and Managed files ?

      This is a question we received a lot: does Avalanche properly handle referenced and managed files from your library ? Or we get asked this variant: "do I need to transform my managed images into referenced images, or the opposite, to work with ...
    • Preview quality in Peakto for CaptureOne catalogs

      If you are a CaptureOne user and have added some C1 catalogs to Peakto you have probably noticed that the quality of the previews is lower than for other catalogs. Peakto uses the previews computed by the cataloging apps to generate its own previews ...
    • Understanding the output options (from version 1.0.5)

      This article describes the conversion options that are available to you in Avalanche for Lightroom from version 1.0.5. The conversion options are available at the bottom of the conversion window, once you have selected a destination and look like ...
    • AVALANCHE - Frequently Asked Question

      Q: What is the purpose of Avalanche ? Avalanche is designed to convert catalogs of photographs from one application to another. For example, if you wish to move your pictures that are currently catalogued in Apple Aperture to another app, such as ...
    • Understanding how Avalanche handles Aperture Projects (from version 1.0.5)

      In this article we discuss how Avalanche handles the migration of Aperture Projects. Projects in Aperture are entities with the following cararcteristics : - each master in the catalog belongs to 1 project only - projects can contain albums - ...
    • Most Discussed Topics

    • Path to Lightroom catalog

      Is there a way to change the catalog path in Peakto if it is moved?
    • Nice to have features

      Please consider the following: Add rollover info on icon to let one know what it does, Add "unsupported" when trying to open a file with an external app or extension that is not supported, Consider showing zoom value under "zoom slider". I would like