Avalanche and MacOS High Sierra (10.13)

Avalanche and MacOS High Sierra (10.13)

We get asked if support for High Sierra is on our roadmap. This is mainly a question asked by Aperture users.
Initially, our response was YES, but we finally decided that we would only support the 3 latest macOS versions, namely: Big Sur (11.0.x), Catalina (10.15.x) and Mojave (10.14.x).

So what can you do if you are still on High Sierra because you kept that system to run Aperture, and want to migrate those Aperture catalogs ?

The answer is to copy the Aperture catalog on a Mac with a more recent OS that is supported by Avalanche. Since Avalanche does not require Aperture to run on that system you don't have to do anything specific regarding Aperture. We don't need it.
But, you need to ensure that the copied catalog is self contained:
- if the catalog only uses managed images, you are all set
- if the catalog uses referenced images, you need to ensure that those images are accessible on that new machine, at the same path. So if your referenced images are on an external drive, simply connect that drive on the new machine. If on the other hand, these images are scattered in various locations, you could choose to consolidate those originals into the catalog before copying it. Use the File -> Locate Referenced Files... in Aperture to locate those referenced files.
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