Peakto: categorize your photos automatically with AI

2.7 Categorize your photos automatically thanks to AI

1. Categorize your photos automatically thanks to AI

Peakto’s AI automatically analyzes your images and categorizes them.  Without changing the original structures of your catalogs, Peakto gives you a sorted view of your images in the Panorama View. You can also use the categories assigned by the AI as search queries.

By category:
  1. Architecture, 
  2. Astro-photography 
  3. Wildlife
  4. Automotive
  5. Events & Wedding
  6. Fashion
  7. Food & Drinks
  8. Nature
  9. People 
  10. Portrait
  11. Screenshots
  12. Sport
  13. Street
  14. Water & Underwater
By Styles:
  1. Abstract
  2. Aerial
  3. Close Up
  4. Night
  5. Harmony and Colors
  6. Compound
  7. Complementary 
  8. Triad
  9. Simple Split
  10. Colors: Brown, Chocolate, Goldenrod, Yellowgreen, Medium Aquamarine…
  11. People: Alone, in Duo, in a Small Group, in a Large Group
  12. Light: Bright, Dark Images, Bright, Dark Images, Highly Saturated, UnderSaturated, High Contrast, Low Contrast.

1.1. Access to your editing application

Peakto is the central hub for all your photos. You can right click on any images to open it in the editing software you used to modify it.

You can also open it in another editing software directly from Peakto. Once modified, the preview of your photo is updated in Peakto. If you need to force the update you can right click on the source and access to a smart re-ingestion or a new synchronization.

1.2. Gather all your modification of a same shot

You can make several edits on the same photos. But you can feel lost in your photo editing and you have difficulties in finding your original file.

Peakto introduces a new concept in photography: Instants!  Not to be mistaken with the different versions of a photograph.  You can make several versions of the same point of view, of the same portrait.... But the moment you press the shutter is unique. 

This unique instant…you can then modify it by retouching your photos. Peakto allows you to retrace this history. You can display in the grid each instant thanks to the button at the bottom left of the main screen.
When you select a photo to display it in the Detail View, Peakto will regroup the different Instants at the top of the photo and display the editing software you used to create them or show if they are just stored in a folder.

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