Does Avalanche support Adobe Lightroom Profiles?

Does Avalanche support Adobe Lightroom Profiles?

Profiles in Adobe Lightroom are a way to add look and color grading to a picture. They can be applied on top of other adjustments;  they don't affect any of the Develop/Edit controls but are applied before them through a Look Up Table (LUT).
Avalanche does not take the Profile information into account when exporting from Lightroom because Avalanche does not know how to create the equivalent of a Profile in the destination app: this concept does not often exist in the apps we are considering, or is handled in a way that makes it difficult to migrate.
In other words, 2 versions of the same image with the same adjustments but using 2 different profiles will result in the same adjustments being computed by Avalanche: therefore the exported versions will look exactly the same.
We are investigating whether in some scenarios we could reapply the profile in some way in the destination app. But it is not an easy task. 
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