Getting Started: Peakto Search for Capture One

Getting Started: Peakto Search for Capture One

Welcome to this tutorial that guides you through installing Peakto Search for Lightroom. You can also watch the video presentation by Matthieu Koop.

After purchasing Peakto Search on the CYME website, you will receive an email containing the link to download the plugin.

Plugin Installation

  1. From the link received via email, download Peakto Search.
  2. Place Peakto Search in the Applications folder.

  1. Launch the application that appears in the menu bar.
  2. Enter the license received via email.
    A security message will prompt you to accept the installation of a downloaded application from the internet.
  1. Peakto Search will launch Capture One and install the tool that allows the plugin and software to communicate with each other. Confirm the plugin installation.
    If you have already installed a Peakto Search plugin from CYME, you may need to confirm the installation of a plugin for Capture One.

Add your Capture One Catalogs

  1. Add your first catalog with the .cocatalog extension. By clicking on the "Add your first catalog" button, Peakto Search will open Finder for you. 
    You may need to confirm access, for example, to an external hard drive, as Peakto Search is secure and requires authorization before opening.
    Adding a catalog will allow Peakto Search to analyze its content, index it, for quick search and real-time results.
    It is possible to add multiple catalogs at the same time.

Search by Metadata 

Find your photos and videos based on the metadata you have associated with them:
- Color
- Star rating
- Flag
- By date
- By keywords
- By identified people

The search is performed across all your catalogs, and the results appear below.
Multiple faces or multiple keywords are always combined with an OR rule.

Search by prompt

  1. To access the prompt search, click on "Search by prompt" from the home screen or click on the tabs in the left sidebar.
  2. Type the description of the photo or video you are looking for in the search bar. The more detailed the description, the more relevant the results will be.
    1. Select the language to also have more relevant results.
    2. If your photos and videos are annotated (stars, flags, colors), you can use these tags to refine the search.
    3. Adjusting the tolerance allows you to have more or fewer photos and videos in the search results. The lower the tolerance, the more precisely Peakto Search's AI selects photos and videos that exactly match the description. Sometimes, expanding the search is useful because the AI doesn't always have the same references as a human ;)

Open in Capture One

  1. Double-click on the preview in Peakto Search to open the photo or video in Capture One, in its original catalog or session.
  2. It is possible to select multiple photos or videos and open them in Capture One Pro.

Plugin Display

  1. To see more results, click on See All. The window can also be stretched. The plugin can also move to the background to make room for Capture One.

  1. For videos, the player indicates the passages in the video corresponding to what you are looking for.

Search by similar image

  1. Similar image search can be done in two ways: "Open with" or "Drag and drop"
    1. From an image in Capture One Pro by right-clicking. Choose "Open with" and similar search. Peakto Search will show similar photos.

    1. In the menu bar, access the similar image search. You can choose an image directly from your computer or an external hard drive. Drag and drop the photo into the designated space in Peakto Search.

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