How much free space does Peakto need ?

How much free space does Peakto need ?

Short answer, that depends on how many photographs you will index in Peakto. Peakto will need about 200 kB per picture
The table below describes the space needed in different scenarios:

# of pictures
Size needed by Peakto in GB

Because Peakto uses an optimal format for storing its thumbnails and previews, the size is much smaller than what you need with your traditional catalog manager or DAM.

For those who want to know more details,  Peakto will store for each picture: 
- Some information in a database to power our search and respond quickly to user interactions.
- Thumbnails of different sizes (usually less than 200kB).
- A technical file that contains information describing the images to ensure similarity detection (about 64kB).  

For users who have a large number of photographs who can live with a lower image quality for thumbnails, we can offer 2 options:
  1. skip the generation of the large thumbnails or reduce their size
  2. suppress the technical file
Using both options combined, we can limit the space taken to 30 kB per picture.

# of pictures
Size need by Peakto in GB
To activate those options, contact our support team.

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