How to send the Aperture database if the support asks for it ?

How to send the Aperture database if the support asks for it ?

Aperture libraries can be very big and sometimes contain images.

In some situations, it would be useful for our support team to be able to simulate Avalanche running on your own data.

Luckily, you don't have to send any image to let us do that. We simply need 3 files that contain enough data to do a lot.

To locate those 3 files, do the following: 
  1. navigate to your library on the Finder
  2. control+click on the Aperture library and choose “Show Package Content"
  3. This will open a Finder window showing the content of the library
  4. You will find a folder called Database and inside, a folder called apdb.
  5. Send the following files via WeTransfer (if they are big):
- Library.apdb
- Properties.apdb
- ImageProxies.apdb

These files do not contain any pictures, only metadata.

-- Cyme Support -- 

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