Preview quality in Peakto

Preview quality in Peakto for CaptureOne catalogs

If you are a CaptureOne user and have added some C1 catalogs to Peakto you have probably noticed that the quality of the previews is lower than for other catalogs.

Peakto uses the previews computed by the cataloging apps to generate its own previews (64, 256 and 1024pixels). Moreover, when you open the detail view for an image, Peakto will go back to the original catalog if it is online and will try to access the Highest resolution preview if it exists. For Lightroom, Apple Photos, Aperture, the quality of previews can be very high and we often display the full resolution preview in the detail viewer.
Preview from C1 (left) and Aperture (right)

But not for Capture One.

This is because Capture One has a proprietary format for its previews. The only accessible preview for Peakto is a thumbnail that is often smaller than 500pixels.

The good news is that we are in discussion with CaptureOne to build a plugin for that proprietary format to ensure that we can access the highest resolution preview and display it in Peakto.

Stay tuned....

If you are a C1 user, please react to this post to show your support for a quick resolution of this limitation.

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