Sending your Peakto database when supports asks for it

Sending your Peakto database when supports asks for it

Sometimes, in order to resolve complicated bugs, it is very useful to get access to your peakto database.
In order to not expose any images and personal data, this article explains how to prepare and send the content to us.

The Peakto root folder contains a series of database files and some folders with images
The image below highlights the subset of files that are really useful for us.

The block in red, is the files that are really crucial as they contain the metadata of the ingested catalogs/files
The block in greenis the files that contain the annotations performed in Peakto.

In order to send us the content, create a selection of those files in the Finder using the Command Key and choose Compress from the contextual menu.

Send the content by Mail or or any other service that can handle potentially big files.

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