Where does Peakto store its catalog data ?

Where does Peakto store its catalog data ?

Peakto uses several databases and manages its own version of your images thumbnails in an area that we call the Peakto Root folder.
It is a real folder on your Mac (unlike Apple Photos for example, that uses a package).
By default, the folder that peakto uses and creates for you is in your Pictures folder and is called Peakto

Where to put the root folder

We recommend to put the root folder :
- on a fast drive (including your main drive)
- in a location that is meant to store documents or media (~/Pictures is a natural choice)

Don't put your Peakto root folder on a NAS / Network drive as Peakto relies on fast access
We don't recommend tu put it in an iCloud/Cloud synchronised folder for now as this is a situation that we have not tested enough

Creating a new Peakto Root Folder

It is easy to select a new Peakto root or switch between different roots :
- either by opening the Peakto Settings and choosing to change the folder inside the General tab.

This will bring a dialog from where you can create or choose a location.
- either by launching Peakto while holding the Option key. This will bring a dialog from where you can create or choose a location

Relocating the Peakto Root Folder

Relocating is easy.

1. Quit Peakto
2. Move the root folder to a new location
3. Start Peakto while holding the Option key and click on Other Folder... to point to the new folder. Then click on Choose to relaunch Peakto with the new root.

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