Why Capture One or Luminar previews show a thumbnail beside my photo in Peakto ?

Why Capture One or Luminar previews show a thumbnail beside my photo in Peakto ?

Sometimes when you open a Photo from a Capture One or Luminar Neo Catalog, you see two pictures: 

- the original one, in full resolution;

- the edited one in a smaller window.

This feature was introduced in Peakto 1.7.5 (June 2023).

Because Peakto can't always build automatically a high-res preview from Capture One or Luminar, we choose to not display the small preview with your edit in Full Screen. Otherwise the preview looks blurry because of its lower resolution.

You can zoom on your original picture to see details, but we keep the edited preview in a smaller window to remind you that the preview is not accurate with your edits. 

In a future version, we will add a feature that launches CaptureOne and computes a high-res preview on demand.

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