How to reset Peakto and start afresh

How to reset Peakto and start afresh

Sometimes you wish to start from a blank sheet again and reingest content, or rebuild a complete Peakto catalog with your content
If you feel like you need to start afresh because of an issue, please contact support first so we can help and prevent this from happening in the future

If on the other hand, you want to experiment with a different catalog content, this is perfectly fine and Peakto supports having multiple roots that coexist. You can switch from one to the other very simply as explained below.

The best way to do this is to create a new root as explained here:

Peakto stores its data in a folder called the Peakto Root Folder which acts as a catalog for peakto. By default this folder is in ~/Pictures/Peakto but you can change it. This article  explains how to change the Peakto root from the Settings screen. You can also switch the root folder when launching Peakto and holding the Option key (like for Apple Photos). A dialog shows you all the previously defined roots so you can easily pick one, or create a new one.

When starting from a blank root, you will effectively start from a blank sheet.
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